German and Dutch rights sold for WHEN THE KING DIES and sequel THE ISLE OF SHEEP!

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Today, we closed two-book deals for Elina Backman’s crime novels WHEN THE KING DIES and sequel THE ISLE OF SHEEP in Germany and in the Netherlands!

What a flying start for the new queen of Scandi Crime!

Piper Verlag won the auction in Germany, and De Bezige Bij/Cargo pre-empted the Dutch rights. We have offers in Sweden and Norway, and auctions are ongoing in both territories.

Last week we celebrated Varrak acquiring the Estonian rights to book 1, and they have now extended their offer into a 2-book-deal as welll

Regine Schmitt at Piper praises Elina Backman:

 A great new Finnish voice, a gripping story and unforgettable characters. WHEN THE KING DIES simply leaves you wanting more, waiting eagerly for the next book by this upcoming new queen of nordic crime.
Regine Schmitt, Editor, Piper Verlag

There is also an offer for Film & TV rights on table. The excitement around the world is at an all-time-high!

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  • English synopsis for both titles
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  • Author introduction
  • Media package
  • Praise sheet
  • English sample available in July 2020
Kun kuningas kuolee,
Otava, May 2020, 495 pp.Jan, a Helsinki-based police officer investigates a ritualistic murder taking place at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. Meanwhile in idyllic countryside an ex-journalist Saana starts to dig up information of a girl who died in the 80’s in Hartola – in the only kingdom in Finland. Jan and Saana’s paths will cross – for more than one reason.


FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Varrak (Two-book deal)
Piper Verlag (Two-book deal)
De Bezige Bij/Cargo
(Two-book deal)
Auction ongoing
Auction ongoing
Offer on the table

Elina Backman

Elina Backman, 37, is a media & marketing professional living in Helsinki, in an old wooden 1920 house with a family of 2 kids and a husband. Elina loves books (all sorts), travelling, cycling and is a host of a Book & Wine Club. She is a creative soul with a commercial mind, and her goal is to find readers globally – her dream is a Netflix series based on her novels.

Her debut novel When the King Dies was published in May 2020 and has immediately gained an enormous amount of attention from the Finnish media, including a praising review by the biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.


Elina Backman

When the King Dies

2020 May, Crime & Thriller

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